CA 1,0 ‰ to 1,7 ‰ entsprechend 4 oder 8 Alkohol Gläser. 

TOPSICHT  zu NACHT Aktivität zu simulieren, sind die Gläser getönt

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Being drunk affects all our daily activities and it may have some tragic results. Alcohol affects  severely  the brain and human behaviour, causing psychomotor descoordination , lack of risk perception, drowsiness, tiredness or sensorial alteration, and so on.

Simulation goggles ALCOVISTA ® represents a high level of alcohol in blood (CA 1,0 ‰ to 1,7 ‰) so that you can simulate the effects of impairment while you are doing different activities.

These goggles simulate these effects, including reduced alertness, slowed reaction time, confusion, visual distortion, alteration of depth and distance perception, reduction of peripheral visión or double visión. The activities that you do in your daily life such as: picking up the keys, walking on a straight line…become much more difficult when a person is drunk.

How to use them

This pair of goggles can be used for many activities such as:

  • Driving karts or pedal cars along obstacles circuits.
  • Walking on a straight line that is painted on the floor.
  • Playing with balls such as juggling or basket.
  • Playing chess, dominoes, ludo…
  • Driving remote-controlled in an obstacle race.
  • Throw on the floor small items such as coins or pencils to pick up them as fast as posible.
  • Writing on the computer and after that, checking the mistakes.
  • Dialing a telephone number…

These goggles are suitable to experience the potentially deadly consequences of being impaired, while you are sober.

You can see more exercices and video, just clic on the next link: clic here



The goggles ALCOVISTA ® just simulate alcohol and drug  impairment. When a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he can get worse results.

They include a bag to carry them. Every goggle


You can found us to . www.alcovista.com

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