Drunk Impairment Goggles - Drugs Goggles Alcovista®

The Original Alcovista® simulation goggles are designed for PROFESSIONAL use. Alcovista® has been producing world-class eyewear for several years now, thanks to the quality of its distortion filters, which reproduce the effects of alcohol, drugs and driver tiredness.

Alcovista is available with either a clear lens to simulate day conditions or a shaded lens to simulate night conditions.
Alcovista also produces drug and opiate goggles.
cannabis goggles, Hallucinogenes goggles and goggles under the effect of tiredness driving

strengh of the Alcovista@ simulation glasses is guaranteed for 5 years as all glasses are made with the highest quality materials: PVC frame, filters (protected from scratches) and unbreakable polycarbonate screen. 

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